Our Team

We have been on our current site in Wateringbury almost 15 years and most pf our staff have been with us since the beginning. Indeed some have worked with us longer in previous guises. The consistency allows us to have an ongoing and friendly relationship with our customers and build a bond of trust over time.


Jude has been with us for 15+ years and controls the front desk. She is the first point of contact for our customers whether in person, by phone or internet. Her wealth of experience means she can deal with sales, service and any general enquiries.

Car Sales


David has been part of the team since we fist opened in 2002.He has developed into one of the most knowledgable members of staff on our used car stock. His easy manner will guide you through your choice and show you all you need to know about the car you buy.


Jamie oversees all preparation aspects of our vehicles from when they arrive to the point of sale. His expertise in this field ensures a smile on your face when you collect your new car.


Les has been with us for 10+ years. His Meticulous work preparing our vehicles speaks for itself. 

Service, MOT & Repairs


Nigel has been with us for 15+ years. He carries out the MOT's, servicing and pre delivery inspections. 


Bert has many years of mechanical knowledge gained at various main dealers.